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Are you ready to hear what your customers and employees are really thinking?

Who is Metis for?

  • The curious, the challengers, the restless innovators
  • The forward-thinking leaders determined to outpace their competitors
  • Those keen to deny the status-quo in their quest for best
  • Those who know smart research demands more than ticking a box
  • And for those ready to hear the unexpected and turn it into opportunity

Metis has reimagined research

  • The needs of customers and employees have evolved. A lot.
    Elevated expectations deserve an equally advanced research approach.

    So, to get far beyond time-worn traditional research, we listen to people’s emotions and opinions – hundreds of thousands of unfiltered words that hold golden information.
  • Here our marriage of mind + machine finds the ‘why’, where others only see ‘what’.
    Here await the nuances previously lost behind rigid scores.
    Here lie the gems ignored by multiple choice and predictable questions.
    Here is what tells the whole story of your business.

    This is what leads to the real insights, to the untapped opportunities for competitive distinction and product innovation. This is where you’ll discover your own unique, game-changing catalysts.

Think of it as
an unimaginably

focus group

The $10 million insight
(aka ‘the unspoken opportunity’)

  • During one research study Metis became aware of customers complaining about their inability to find open spots in an airport’s onsite parking, suggesting that demand for parking was stretched.

    We also noticed complete ‘silence’ about our client’s onsite parking fees. In stark contrast, customers of a competitor airport in the research set were very upset about their parking costs. All this signalled an opportunity to generate more revenue without damaging the customer experience.

    Metis advised a price increase of 15% and still no complaints followed, but revenue increased by at least $10 million per year.

    Machine learning detected the emotional frustration - for both airports – but it took human understanding to connect the dots that a price increase could help solve stretched demand, while at the same time greatly enhancing revenues.

    More Metis success stories here.

The most extraordinary magic lies in the silence

  • We know to also look beyond the obvious.

    Beyond the compliments and complaints

    and into the space we think of as ‘reading the air’ around an issue.

    Because it’s often the ‘unspoken needs’ that create the huge opportunities.

Metis hears not only what is being said…

…but what is not

  • Our technology finds every emotional statement hidden amongst your online reviews, surveys and feed-back. But it takes the human minds, with deep Customer Experience expertise to unlock your golden nuggets of unique opportunity.

    This is the marriage of Mind and Machine.
    This is the partnership through which to discover the uncommon insights that provide maximum business impact.

Neuroscience inspired this unique opportunity

  • The wonders of modern neuroscience have recently proved that emotion, far more than logic, dictates our decision‐making*.

    It explains why people love to talk about themselves and their experiences – it stimulates the pleasure centre of the brain in the same way as good food, cocaine or sex**.

    This also helps explain the ever‐growing phenomena of online reviews and social media.

    The secrets unlocked when people are allowed to talk freely - and share their emotions - is your arrow straight to the heart of competitive distinction, stronger revenue, employee retention and return customers.
  • *Dr. Antonio Damasio, Chair in Neuroscience, University of Southern California and adjunct professor at the Salk Institute.

    **Harvard Neuroscience

Our three products create an 'ecosystem of engagement'

Surveys distributed
to a target audience
Words and images
published in the
public domain
Wisdom of
Crowds Study

A large and relevant population, for example, consumers in a city or region with specific demographics or behaviours

Customer stories captured from online sources such as review sites and social media

Voice of the
Customer Study

A targeted survey using the client's customer lists
Existing data, already collected by the client, explored further to find new insights within the narrative text

Voice of the
Employee Study

A targeted, easy to use, free text survey that discovers employee emotional triggers and pinpoints actionable insights

The definitive roadmap

  • The revelations of a Metis study are beyond baby steps, beyond incremental change.

    They’re uncommonly revealing.

    They provide a clear route to product distinction, employee fulfillment and customer delight.

    With Metis you can make crucial decisions with confidence.

    With Metis you can be bold where it will matter most.

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